The Carmelina Residence

The Carmelina Residence, nicknamed "The Butterfly House", was a major‪ architectural‬ ‪remodel‬ where we took our clients traditional home and transformed it into a striking modern retreat that represents their style. We were able to convert this home from 3400 sq ft to 4200 sq ft with smart design and a new open floor plan, whilst giving them all new modern features. Such features include an all internal drainage system which runs through the walls, this meant we had to create water channels in the middle of the roof allowing the home to have no visible gutters, custom outdoor lighting fixtures that seamlessly blend into the architecture using Resysta (recycled composite wood), two 14 ft wide panoramic doors on the first floor that bring the outdoors in, and adding a standing seam metal roof. Other fun features seen in the home consist of a glass floor upon entry that looks down into a sculptural wine cellar, and a bar (that can host a bartender and also be self serving) with bottle display cubes on the wall behind it, all which contribute to the modern‬ vibe of the home and makes it perfect for entertaining.

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