Deligny Residence

Los Angeles, CA


This Spanish style home was built in the 1920's and needed an updated landscape to reflect the beauty of its remodeled interior. This was a combination Landscape and Water Feature design project. Large panel windows in the home give views of the garden, so every landscape corner was designed to maximize those views.

In line with the home's California-Spanish style, we went with a Mediterranean landscape, featuring many drought tolerant plants. We added a floating Buddha water feature on the shaded side of the house that can be viewed from a large window from the inside. After visiting the home a year later, the plants have filled in to create a peaceful Mediterranean oasis complete with citrus trees, lavender, and succulents. The stairway leading to the backyard was redone to feature layered stone and lighting along the path leading to the pool and main yard. Off to the side, you enter the patio complete with a barbecue and seating for entertaining. We restructured the patio flooring to give it a more curvaceous look and create a more inviting feel from all angles of the house.

The trellis structure we designed is adjacent to the pool and spa and is nestled among the mature plants provides enough shade to enjoy during the afternoon. Complete with a fire pit and ample seating, it's the perfect place to relax for a summer evening.

Around the front of the house, we used ground cover in between the stones to create contrast. The table and bench at the front of the house is one of our favorite parts of the house. Sitting on the shaded bench under the wind chimes, you can take in views of the city through the branches of the lemon tree. In other words, it's the perfect Mediterranean retreat.



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