Modern Tuscany Residence

Beverly Hills, CA

Inspired by a Tuscan castle, set in Beverly Hills, California, this landscape design is a modern Mediterranean escape from the city. This was a fun project in which we could incorporate all aspects of our design services, including hardscape, landscape, water features, and pool design.
At the entrance, you are greeted by a bubbling pond that instantly soothes you with the sound of lapping water. The pond is flush with the ground and is surrounded by lush greenery to appear in a more natural setting. We chose cool stone to create the pathways that lead you to the backyard. Two planters adjacent to the pool create statements with olive trees and lush greenery overflowing these concrete "boxes"
The pool is flush and its clean design fit with the modern theme of the home. In addition to the hardscape, we used black fencing and modern lights to keep the home's minimalist style. We are happy to share final photos of the landscape and design of this home, and hope you contact us if you like it!

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