Pearl Residence

Santa Monica, California

This is an in-progress look at a custom designed home in the heart of Santa Monica that sits just minutes away from the beach. This 5 bedroom and 5 bathroom house was designed with cutting-edge and innovative features. Such features include a non-traditional air conditioning system in conjunction with passive air conditioning using the natural sea breezes, high-tech insulation, virtually indestructible PVC roofing, and an inventive greased moat around perimeter of the home to keep out unwanted critters. With our thoughtful design we were even able to create a drainage system underneath the deck that allowed us to keep the back yard aligned with the interior space at ground level, which is almost unheard of. Mixed in with the state-of-the-art features, you can also enjoy the visuals of the playful shadow sculpture on the face of the garage, swimming pool and water feature, entertainment area including an outdoor barbeque and stone buffet table, and movie projector screen. This home also has a trendy landscape design that is not only drought tolerant, but is essentially maintenance-free. And we must not forget about the gorgeous ocean views from the relaxing 2nd floor deck, and panoramic doors on the 1st floor that open up the space and bring the stunning scenery of the outdoors in.

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