P.J. Berjis

Director of Design, Principal

Fascinated by three-dimensional form, P.J. has instinctively sought out various avenues in which to pursue his curiosity. Starting his career in Frank O Gehry’s design studio, P.J. gained acclaim as a Project Architect for the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. He found his tenure there to be the perfect environment in which to explore three-dimensional form. From there he moved to WET Design, again as a Project Architect and successfully developed methods in coalescing hydraulic principals with forms and textures. Inspired by these breakthroughs, P.J. left WET Design to co-found Studio H2O so that he could pursue his theories and to further develop new concepts in water art. In addition to his work with hydrodynamic forms, P.J. has developed innovative designs for a select, discrete Clientele and holds two patents for packaging designs for the motion picture industry. P.J. holds a bachelor of architecture degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and a Master of Architecture degree from the San Francisco Institute of Architecture. He also completed various courses at Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture, Taliesin West in Scottsdale Arizona. Some notable projects in Mr. Berjis’ portfolio of water design include: Mirage water and Fire Features in Las Vegas, Nevada; Columbus Circle water feature, in New York City, New York; Somerset South Mall water feature, Troy, Michigan; Houston Galleria water feature, Houston, Texas; Dubai Marina water feature, Dubai, U.A.E.; and Mall of the Emirates water and fog features, Dubai, U.A.E.

Ebony Sargent

Project Designer
Ebony is an artist at heart. She has a passion for sculpture and spacial expression. Miss Sargent has extensively traveled Europe and across The United States where she has developed a respect for nature, horticulture and Architecture. She has taken her form of artistic expression combining with the natural canvas of nature along with sculpture and Architecture to create harmony in outdoor spaces. Ebony has been educated as a civil engineer as well as receiving a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from Texas Tech University. As a Landscape Architect she looks forward to creating artistic outdoor spaces for all to enjoy.

Polly Brindle

Marketing Director/Client Relationship Manager

Polly originally hails from the north of England raised by an architect father and taxidermist mother. Classical Ballet was her first love and she trained at the Royal Ballet until she got scouted to become a model at age 15, this opportunity saw her leave home at 17 years old and move to Paris. Her modelling career jet-setted her around the globe for 10 years working for high profile ad campaigns such as Dior and Lancome and she was featured in numerous international publications and TV commercials. Having lived in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, London and Hamburg, Polly absorbed the architectural and cultural offerings of each city and country and that can be seen from her own personal style. Polly made the move to Los Angeles in 2012 and after a photo-shoot with a London based active wear brand she was approached with the opportunity to launch the brands USA counterpart. Starting off alone, it took 3 short years to see the brands USA expansion explode into a multi-million dollar brand which Polly was directly across, her main points of focus was business management, content creation for all social media platforms and customer satisfaction and support. Polly joins Studio-H2O to oversee the companies business development and marketing strategies and is heading up all client relationship management. She is the main point of contact for any inquiries or existing client questions.

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