Yamini Residence

This tranquil backyard landscape has many amazing features that showcase our innovative design, including one of our favorites, a combination bar/barbeque/buffet table area that is perfect for entertaining guests. The swimming pool, which is shaped like a grand piano, has colored LED lights, and 5 spill ways that cascade into the pool creating a calming ambiance. Our main water feature, and focal point upon entry into the backyard, is a sculptural fountain that has two water streams that "kiss" in the middle.Note that there are no railings in the backyard - this is because we utilizedthe neighbors preexisting lush landscape to make it seem part of our clientsbackyard, making the entire space seem larger than what it actually is. We did however use some structural elements as more subtle dividers instead, such asbenches and planters. And let us not forget about the textural details - we used different textures of gold travertine stone throughout the front and backyard, including vein cut on the flooring, and split cut raw finished on the dividing elements, complimented by Red Kangaroo Paws, citrus trees, and special plants that are made to attract butterflies as hummingbirds.

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